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This is the RoyalBots' FIRST year.  We are excited to offer students the chance to learn many new skills that will prepare them for high school and beyond.  We have teams that compete in the FIRST Lego League, Jr., FIRST Lego League, and FIRST Tech Challenge.  No experience is necessary!

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First Lego League Jr.

Grades K-3

First Lego League

Grades 4-6

FIRST Tech Challenge

Grades 7-8 Team #14745

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Jennifer O'Link

Robotics Coordinator

Jennifer coordinates and oversees Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic School's Robotics Team. She enjoys getting to know our coaches and students, the generosity of volunteers, and seeing her son's excitement for going to robotics meetings. Jennifer has three children, two of whom attend Saint Vincent de Paul School. Her son Harrison is in second grade, and her daughter Adeline is in kindergarten. Jennifer's hobbies include Nordic skiing and training her family's puppy, Huckleberry.

Kaleb Kromann

FTC Tech Challenge Coach - Grades 7-8

Mr. Kromann is our coach for St. Vincent de Paul's FTC team.

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Mrs. Lisa Capistrant

FIRST Tech Challenge Assistant - Grades 7 & 8

Mrs. Capistrant helps to oversee our FIRST Tech Challenge team. She brings enthusiasm and fun to our meetings! Her daughter is an alumna of the class of 2012 at St Vincent de Paul. She enjoys crossword puzzles, logic puzzles, and movie trivia. She has enjoyed figuring out questions and finding the answer. Mrs. Capistrant teaches third grade and has been at Saint Vincent's since 2006.

Kate Blanchard

FIRST Lego League Coach

Kate coaches our 4th-6th grade robotics team. Kate and her husband Jeff have 3 children at SVDP. She enjoys learning new technologies, playing volleyball, and reading. She thinks that it has been really fun watching our builders create innovative ways to solve the missions and work together.

Amy Seiffert

FIRST Lego League Assistant

Mrs. Seiffert coaches the First Lego League. She enjoys seeing the kids grow in knowledge and have fun. Her daughter Emily is in 6th grade at Saint Vincent's. She coaches Girl Scouts too!

Jeff Blanchard

FIRST Lego League Coach

Jeff coaches grades 4-6. He has a 6th grader, 4th grader and 1st grader at SVDP. He enjoys karate, playing video games and sports with my family. He has enjoyed watching our engineers figure something out and being able to implement it. They started with a rookie team and by the tournament, every single one of them will know how to code, build, and present.

Danny Britts-Osterlund

FIRST Lego League Assistant

Mrs. Britts-Osterlund coaches 4th-6th grade. She has a 4th grade daughter here at SVDP. She enjoys art, meditation, and helping people succeed in buisness. She likes watching the kids light up when they program succeeds, or when their idea was picked by the group.

Amanda Klosner

FIRST Lego League, Jr. Coach

Mrs. Klosner coaches our kindergarten and first grade students who participate in FIRST Lego League, Jr. She enjoys her kids and coaching robotics. This year, she has liked seeing the kids learn and come up with so many creative ideas Her oldest child is in Kindergarten here at Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic School.

Andy Fischer

FIRST Lego League Jr. Assistant

Mr. Fischer coaches kindergartners and first graders. He has a kindergartner here at SVDP. He likes Legos and sports. He enjoys watching the team grow, and learn about the moon.

Bill Olmschenk

FIRST Lego League Jr. Assistant

Mr. Olmschenk coaches kindergarten and first grade robotics. He has a kindergartner at SVDP. He loves being a dad, and teaching his kids many things. He really loves building things!

Kevin Grossman

FIRST Lego League Jr. Coach

He is coaching K-3 robotics at St. Vincent de Paul. He has 3 kids (Ellie, Sophie and Henry) at St. Vincents and one (Maggie) that has graduated from St. Vincents as well. His hobbies include running, volleyball, computers and chasing kids to all their various activities. He has enjoyed just seeing all the ingenuity from the kids. Some of the things they come up with are amazing!

Rishi and Lila Kapoor

FIRST Lego League Jr. Coach and Assistant

Mr. and Mrs. Kapoor coach K-3 First Lego League Jr. They have 3 kids at St. Vincent de Paul, Naveen (3rd Grade), Priya (2nd Grade), and Nayan (Kindergarten). They enjoy watching the Vikings and cooking. They love watching the kids get creative, brainstorm ideas, and playing with Legos!

Dan Ramsey

FIRST Lego League Jr. Coach

Mr. Ramsey coaches the Space Shrimpies, one of our FIRST Lego League, Jr. teams.

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Totino-Grace Mentors

Emily Schewe

Totino Grace Mentor

Emily coaches the 7th and 8th grade robotics. She is an alumni of SVDP the class of 2016. She plays hockey, and enjoys writing, reading, and helping others. She enjoys helping the students learn more about robots and watching them grow in knowledge.

Ali Omar

Totino Grace Mentor

Ali helps at 7th and 8th robotics. He enjoys water polo. Ali likes to see the students trying to approach problems differently He is TSM_MYTH's twin brother.

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Upcoming Events

  • 1/31/2019 05:30 PM - 1/31/2018 06:45 PM
  • 9050 93rd Avenue North, Osseo, MN, USA

Join us for a special meal and event to celebrate the end of our season! We'll have sloppy joes, a veggie tray, and cookies for dessert. An Evite was sent to you regarding more details. Please respond to Jennifer O'Link on the Evite ASAP! We hope to see you all there!

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  • 12/8/2018 04:52 PM
  • 5000 Hodgson Road Connection, North Oaks, MN, USA

This is an exposition for our students in Grades K-6 to show off what they've built. We request that everyone involved in FIRST Lego League and FIRST Lego League, Jr. attend the expo. It will be a fun day!

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 SVDP RoyalBots
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